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**~"Dream"~** **~"Dream"~**

Rated 2 / 5 stars


The music is terrible, it ruined the animation for me. Otherwise the drawing and graphics looked pretty nice, ther should have been speaking, and I have NOOOO idea what's going on but it seems cool.

Again the music makes me want to throw up, it's absolutely terrible, it ruins the flash, pick another song and it will be ALOT better.

Burnt Face Man Burnt Face Man

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Damn that was funny.

Without some of the lame laughing and no street fighter sounds clips it could be even better, it's soooo funny. "Crime is a s**t that needs wiping up"!That's hilarious, please make more. You have a great touch, the "I'm not Gay" at the end was great too. BF Man really needs more episodes.

The Spartan: part I The Spartan: part I

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very Cool,

Very cool, I just REALLY WISH I could have seen the battle scene, it led up, then I was disappointed. Killing the scout was also very anticlimactic. like cool leadup, then he just gets shot and dies. It happens a number of times during the movie. It looks really promising, and IU think the part where it shows all the troops with the sick music needs to be at the end, because it looks like tehy're going to fight, then it just goes to 2 Days later. Very promuising and cool looking though. some animations are a little choppy, but it still looks great.

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Proximity Proximity

Rated 5 / 5 stars


A little flashier design and some good thinking music in the Background would make it alot cooler. AWESOME though

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bush-o-matic bush-o-matic

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Well Done Great Flash

Kind of creepy how editing his speeches makes logical statments while many of his speeches aren't very logical. A little extreme, but hey that's what Newgrounds is here for, free speech. I actually agree with some of the things u edited to make him say, like ignoring whole cultures in the middle east. Besides the political message that I agree with, People who support Bush are blind followers destined to be led off a cliff, it's a well made flash, with good music, audio, and graphics. WEll done. Ignore all the political crap that people will fling at you just because they dont believe in what you beleive in. You're gonna get alot of UNPATRIOTIC which is ABSOLUTELY RETARDED because the most patriotic thing you can do is criticize your country so it's better, rather than just yell at people for not following and supporting your country. The fact is Bush has screwed over alot of this country in a million different ways, foreign policy, medicare, regressive taxing, etc. People like to use the excuse of being unpatriotic(actually it's un-nationalist, but they wont use that because it's not a soft enough euphemism) to bash your stuff. There's a reason you didn't get blammed, this is quality work, with a real message. Political aspects aside good flash. Political aspects involved:bold, smart, a little too extreme for me, but well done flash
My Favorites Sign:"Bush sure must like poor people because he sure made alot of us"
Part of our rights as Americans is the right to dissent, right to free speech, and the right to disagree and organize, which I dont see as unpatriotic at all.

Pigeon Hunt Pigeon Hunt

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This would be 9ish quality if...

It worked. I cant shoot anything, it wont fire. Kinda of a problem, look good, good format, maybe have a comment/grading system at the end of hte game, maybe make certain scores u have to meet. Right now it's a little pointless.

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End of Dayz End of Dayz

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very Nice

Damn with some more production this track could sound like Freakin' Studio Quality, nice beat/lyrics, very well done man. Very pro, damn the "How could we be so blind" part is badass. just well done not much else to say, lyrics are a little basic, but that sounds like your style, not really bad. Damn i love part of the beat where it sounds like a crowd cheering "Ha" or somthing. Badass, very original. I save my 10s for life-changers, i'd give this a 9.5 if i could

illumatiks responds:

haha thanx, the part where it 'sounded like the crowd cheerin ''ha''' was a clap snare with double reverb

Reppin' Tha OC Reppin' Tha OC

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Uh Copyright

Dude if it's on here, it's not really copyrighted. All submissions here are for the purpose of royalty-free and free for use by the Flash Artists.
Ok Song:
Beat needs alot of work, vocal harmonies & singing needs some work.

Is this humorous? Cuz the lyrics kinda are,
and I dont think u can copyright something where you say you're a Juggalo, cuz that's definitely a copyrighted.

The lyrics & Message of the song are really lame. Your rapping isn't to bad, but the beat sounds really cheap, and needs some work. The intro soundws cool but just like some Eminem Song I heard

So basically:Practice singing, work on the beats, and get some original decent lyrics. The core Rapping isnt too bad though.

LiveLoveDieCT responds:

the lyrics are supposed to be lame. this song is making fun of all that is gangsta rap. i dont really ever write serious songs. the singing is supposed to be somewhat lame and overdone kinda like a nate dogg or someone. thanks for the constuctive criticism though.

Haystacks on the fallow Haystacks on the fallow

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very Nice

Very Nice, but how do you make these? It sounds like a movie soundtrack,like a full orchestra, are you sampling or something?